A triple galaxy system NGC 6769-71, located in the southern Pavo constellation (the Peacock) at a distance of 190 million light-years
Image credit: European Southern Observatory & strongmanmike2002 on Flickr


Spiral Galaxy M74 Progression - Steve Lodge

Yes I use my desk as a palette.

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Spiral Galaxy M74 - 50x20cm - Acrylic on Canvas - Steve Lodge

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Andromeda Galaxy. 12x18cm acrylic on canvas board by Steve Lodge. For sale at the Space on Canvas Etsy shop


How to paint a Quasar in 10 minutes. 

Somebody asked me for a tutorial on how to paint a quasar. Here it is!

1. Paint your canvas black

2. Using really watered down white, paint the outline

3. Add some colour to that shape. I used blue but you can use whatever you want (I avoid yellow as it doesn’t work well on a black background)

4. Add more dark and light. Remember the light is coming from the centre of the quasar. Arms should be lighter on one side and darker on the other. 

5. Build it up a little more, try and push the edges around a bit so they seem all cloudy. Make the middle really bright. Add the jet.

6. Star it up so everyone knows you’re in space. I use a fine brush for the bigger ones and the point of a pin or knife for the tiny ones.

I hope that’s ok. Anything else you want to know, ask away and I’ll try to formulate a coherent response.

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